David  Behrman

with Robert Watts and Bob Diamond

Cloud Music poster by William Farley (1977)


poster text:

"a specially-designed video system scans the sky

an electronic sound system translates cloud formation changes into music"

Robert Watts, Bob Diamond, DB

Cloud Music (1974 — 1980)

"Cloud Music" was first conceived by Robert Watts in the early 1970s. Video designer Bob Diamond and DB joined Watts to make a collaborative installation. A video camera scans the sky; a video analyzer senses changes in light produced by passing clouds; progressions of pitched sounds, made by a homemade music synthesizer, are caused by those changes. The work was exhibited at the Whitney Museum (New York, March 1979), Fuer Augen und Ohren (Berlin, 1980), New Music America (San Francisco, 1981), and Ars Electronica (Linz, June 1992), in a show curated by Woody and Steina Vasulka.